Ing. Daniel Eder

Crafting Tomorrow's Digital Product Pioneers

Innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology, and agile practices aligned with organization, people, product ideation, and leadership to shape the future of digital products.

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As a Trusted Advisor, I collaborate with leaders to craft the next generation of digital products by aligning technology, organization, people, product ideation, and leadership. My passion lies in discovering new ways to integrate these elements, enabling organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Currently, I am leading the Agile Coaching & Consulting Practice, a team of high-profile advisors and coaches, on a global level as part of the leadership team at Nagarro's Business Unit for Accelerated Quality & Test Engineering. It is my responsibility and pleasure to drive our business to global success and forge strong partnerships with our clients.

From developer & architect to project and team lead, Scrum Master, and finally Coach and Consultant, I bring 15+ years of experience in leadership, technology, consulting, and Agility. My practical experience is complemented by continuous learning and advanced training:

  • Expertise in driving digital innovation and transformation
  • Proven leadership in agile methodologies and practices
  • Skilled in fostering collaboration and cross-functional teamwork
  • Strong focus on product ideation and development
  • Comprehensive understanding of aligning technology with business goals
  • Commitment to developing future leaders in digital product spaces
  • Extensive experience working with strategy and management teams to achieve organizational excellence

"Daniel's approach to digital transformation is both innovative and practical, making him a key driver in any organizational journey towards agility and excellence." - Client in Gaming

"His expertise in technical topics (software architecture, design & programming) and organizational topics (structures, agility & collaboration) are a great combination." - Stefan Gwihs, Practice Lead DevOps

"Daniel is a brilliant and visionary thinker with a lot of experience in creating modern organizations. He is fully engaged and always gives his best. With him, our topics are in the right hands!" - Hannes Färberböck, Business Unit Lead

"Daniel's positive commitment to caring for the well-being of the team, open and solution-oriented approach, and his respectful and appreciative treatment of colleagues so that we can all perform at the best of our ability." - Roland Germ, Technical Agile Coach

"Daniel played a pivotal role in modernizing our legacy software transforming it into a cutting-edge platform. His strategic vision and technical expertise were instrumental in rejuvenating our product and enhancing our development processes." - VP Engineering in Manifacturing & Industrial Automation

Innovative Solutions

Develop groundbreaking digital products using the latest technologies and agile practices.

Digital Transformation

Lead your organization through successful digital transformations, enhancing agility and innovation.

Leadership in Technology

Equip leaders with the skills to drive technological innovation and agile methodologies.

Agile Enterprise Consulting

Implement agile practices to improve efficiency, adaptability, and collaboration in your teams.

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