Ing. Daniel Eder

Enterprise Coach | Trainer | Agilist

Passion, openness and desire for excellency to grow a new generation of organisations that thrive in modern day business.

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As Trusted Advisor I am working with leaders to craft a new generation of organisations, that are ready for the upcoming challenges of modern day business and new generations entering the workforce. My passion is uncovering new ways of collaboration to enable a purposeful and human-driven way of working.

Currently I am leading the Agile Coaching & Consulting Practice, a team of high-profile advisors and coaches, on global level as part of the leadership team at @Nagarro's AQT Business Unit. It is my responsibility and pleasure to lead this part of our business to global success and strong partnerships with our clients.

From developer, over project and team lead to Scrum Master and finally Coach and Consultant, I bring 10+ years of experience in leadership, technology, consulting and foremost Agility with me. My practical experience is underlined by deliberate practice and sophisticated training:

Reinventing Organisations

Enabling Agility in your organisation on all levels. Build Culture, Strategy and Tactics together!

New Generation Leadership

Explore and develop a new way of being and leading within the modern world. Get ready to lead the new way!

Impactful Change

Define and enable change to provide the impact you need in your team and your organisation. Start the right thing - now!

Evolving Agility

Think out and redefine Agility for new generations and a brighter future. Look beyond the basics!

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